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Connect & Collaborate PDW at AoM 2018

  • 1.  Connect & Collaborate PDW at AoM 2018

    Posted 05-31-2018 17:52

    Saturday August 11, 8.30am - 1.30pm

    (Hyatt Regency Chicago in Columbus EF)




    Are you trying to finish a research project but need additional data?

    Do you have unfinished papers in your drawer that just need some new blood?

    Do you have opportunities to collect data but no time for other parts of a project?


    Many of us have projects that, while promising, have stalled and could use some new blood. We made Connect & Collaborate PDW for this exact reason. 


    The goal of this project is to get people together so that they may leverage complementary resources and the "spare parts" in these projects to build new research relationships that can help complete the projects. We, the organizers, will help match participants based on needs and resources for the purpose of collaboration and project completion!


    For example, people could support each other through (but not exclusive to) discussing multiple perspectives, bringing in additional studies, using different analytical approaches, making plans for collecting more data, or testing specific follow-up questions or mechanisms. Our goal is to connect people with complementary needs and resources. All are welcome. We especially invite scholars from our international community to help bring in fresh perspectives and insights. Join us in, what we hope, the first of many Connect and Collaborate PDW's to come!


    To join, we need to know what you have and what you need in terms of project interests, resources, time horizon, and so forth. So please tell us:

    • Your topical interests (keywords, domain, questions)
    • Your data resources if applicable (e.g., collected data, organizational sites, subject pools etc.)
    • Your conceptual resources (e.g., half-written papers and the like)
    • Your needs and interests (e.g., do you want to join a project, do you need a methodologist or a theorist, etc.)


    We will try to organize and align these so that in the session you can meet researchers with similar interests and complementary needs and resources. In other words, Connect and Collaborate!


    Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/XTtPkQstRIN0nv7U2



    Matthew A. Cronin, George Mason University

    Ashley Fulmer, University of Iowa

    Elad N. Sherf, New York University

    Jeroen Stouten, KULeuven University

    Simone Tang, Duke University



    Yekaterina Bezrukova, University at Buffalo

    Ramona Bobocel, University of Waterloo

    Steven Grover, University of Otago

    Astrid Homan, University of Amsterdam

    Peter Kim, University of Southern California

    Tyler Okimoto, University of Queensland

    Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University

    Debra L. Shapiro, University of Maryland

    Chester S. Spell, Rutgers University

    Thomas M. Tripp, Washington State University Vancouver

    Gerben van Kleef, University of Amsterdam

    Bert Schreurs
    Associate Professor
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel