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An exciting CAR PDW program at AOM!

  • 1.  An exciting CAR PDW program at AOM!

    Posted 07-04-2018 02:51
    Greetings Career Division Members!

    Our 2018 meeting is coming up fast and I'd like to give you a brief overview of the Careers Division PDW Program. First, we continue our commitment to the next generation of scholars with our "Careers Doctoral Consortium." Our doctoral consortium combines traditional panels of prominent established academics with an innovative format of roundtables that allows for small group interaction on a wide range of topics. We also offer support to our many members who have global careers with a workshop on "International Career Transitions," where scholars share their experiences with doing research and crafting a career that crosses international boundaries. To provide practical help and advice on publishing, we have a "Meet the Editors" panel with editors from top journals like AMR and AMJ, and many others. We are also bringing back the popular "Career in the Rough: A Research Development Workshop," which matches many top names in Careers research with up-and-coming scholars who submit working papers for intensive feedback and advice.

    Our research and methods workshops are strong this year, following the theme of "Improving Lives," and on the leading edge in research topics and methods. One of our PDWs, "Plugging the Leaky STEM Pipeline," reports on the state of research about women in STEM fields, and what can be done to address it. "Research in Internal Labor Markets: Challenges and Opportunities" brings together pioneers in the field and up-and-coming scholars to discuss the large transitions in careers within firms, and new opportunities for research. We are also fortunate to have two workshops focused on state-of-the-art methods. Back by popular demand, we present "Sequence Analysis in Career & HRM Research," which will give participants a hands-on look at how to use these methods to understand patterns in longitudinal data. Finally, we are happy to be the primary sponsor for a PDW on "The Analytics of Careers: Using People Analytics in Careers Research," featuring scholars on the forefront of career and people analytics research, who will discuss the implications of the increasing use of analytics in organizations, as well as new methodological approaches to gathering and analyzing careers data.

    Pre-registration is required for several of these PDWs, so please check the program to register for those PDWs: (http://aom.org/annualmeeting/registration/pdw/). I very much hope to see you at our workshops as well as at Saturday's PDW Social Event at Eataly!

    Gina Dokko
    UC Davis
    Davis CA