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India Conference

  • 1.  India Conference

    Posted 05-03-2018 20:50

    Dear Careers Division Member,

    We are writing to inform you of a conference we are co-chairing in India next December. It's title is International Conference on the Changing Nature of Careers: Implications for a Sustainable World. It will be hosted by XLRI Jamshedpur, one of the leading business schools in the country.

    We would dearly like our colleagues from around the globe to consider joining us at the event. Further details may be found at https://www.iccnc-xlri-2018.com/. We hope for a broad international debate about careers and career practices, and we know you can contribute to that debate. Can you possibly join us? Can you also help spread the word about our conference among your professional colleagues?

    In case you may think about combining the conference with tourism, it will be convenient to buy a round-trip ticket to (e.g.) Delhi, and then to buy a local round-trip ticket to the conference airport. There will be a free shuttle from and to that airport before and after the conference.  Our friends at XLRI are standing by to help you with your travel plans.

     Can you please take a look at our call for papers on the above website? Can you also kindly forward this message to anyone else you think who may be interested?

    Thank you in anticipation for your support. We will be glad to respond to any questions you may have.

    All best wishes,

    Michael Arthur

    Anneleen Farrier

    RK Premarajan

    Michael Arthur
    Suffolk University
    Boston MA