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Invitation to AoM showcase symposium on The 21st Century School-To-Work Transition

  • 1.  Invitation to AoM showcase symposium on The 21st Century School-To-Work Transition

    Posted 07-24-2018 05:23
    ** Apologies for cross-posting **

    Dear colleagues,

    We cordially invite you to our showcase symposium:

    The 21st Century School-To-Work Transition: Improving the Working Lives of Young People
    The School-To-Work Transition

    Monday, Aug 13 2018
    8:00AM - 9:30AM
    Sheraton Grand Chicago (Wrigleyville)

    Organizer: Rowena Blokker, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Organizer: Jos Akkermans, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Organizer: Svetlana Khapova, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Organizer: Paul G W Jansen, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Discussant: Andreas Hirschi, U. of Bern 
    This symposium aims to introduce innovative ways to understand and study the 21st-century school-to-work transition (STWT). Despite ample research on antecedents and outcomes of the STWT, very little is known about the interplay between micro- level and macro-level factors in achieving a successful transition from school to work. Research on the STWT has thus far been fragmented, most notably in terms of a division between micro-level and macro- level oriented research, and a lack of integration of these perspectives hurts the overall understanding of the contemporary STWT. In line with recent calls for re-contextualizing careers research, we aim to encourage the extension and integration of knowledge pertaining to the contemporary STWT by integrating existing perspectives that have mostly been isolated from each other thus far. To this end, in this symposium we present six papers that focus on how young adults can best prepare for the STWT in which we take into account both micro-level factors (e.g., work orientation, job search behavior, and career competencies) and macro-level factors (e.g., degree subject, perceived organizational support, student loan depth, organizational socialization, and career shocks).

    Prediction of Work Orientations and Objective School-to-Work Transition Outcomes Among Adolescents
    Presenter: Rebekka Steiner, U. of Bern 
    Presenter: Andreas Hirschi, U. of Bern 

    Can Career Self-Management Overcome Labour Market Disadvantage for Non-Professional Degree Graduates
    Presenter: Belgin Okay-Somerville, U. of Glasgow 
    Presenter: Dora Scholarios, U. of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK 

    Do Ambitious Recent Graduates Keep Looking for New Jobs?
    Presenter: Serge P. Da Motta Veiga, American U. 
    Presenter: Ricardo Rodrigues, King's College London 
    Presenter: David E. Guest, King's College London 
    Presenter: Christina Butler, Kingston U. 

    Is Student Loan Debt Good or Bad for Finding Employment After College?
    Presenter: Ariane Froidevaux, U. of Florida 
    Presenter: Jaclyn Koopmann, Auburn U. 
    Presenter: Mo Wang, U. of Florida 
    Presenter: Peter Bamberger, Tel Aviv U. 

    Transition to Full Time Employment of Early Careerist Healthcare Administrators
    Presenter: Mark Bonica, U. of New Hampshire 
    Presenter: Cindy Hartman, U. of New Hampshire 

    The Role of Career Competencies and Career Shocks in Employability and Early Career Success
    Presenter: Rowena Blokker, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Presenter: Jos Akkermans, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Presenter: Svetlana Khapova, Vrije U. Amsterdam 
    Presenter: Paul G W Jansen, Vrije U. Amsterdam 

    e look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

    Kind regards, on behalf of all organizers,

    Rowena Blokker

    Rowena Blokker, MSc.
    PhD Candidate
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    The Netherlands