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CAR Division Program Highlights + CAR Plenary Questions

  • 1.  CAR Division Program Highlights + CAR Plenary Questions

    Posted 08-06-2020 12:29
    Edited by Kerry Ignatz 08-06-2020 13:01
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    Dear all,

    It's time for the very first ever online AOM conference experience! I hope you are all doing well and hopefully planning to join the conference this year. We just sent out an email to all of our members with some program highlights. Yet, we know that many of those emails end up in spam folders. Moreover, we have more Connect members than division members, so there are people following the discussions here who will not have received the email.

    For that reason, I would like to share the link here as well. Please visit THIS LINK to see the full email. I have also attached a PDF version of the email to this message.

    One particular question I would like to highlight here is for all of you to submit questions you would have for our live Q&A session on Monday August 10th 2020 at 12 PM EDT. The video for the plenary should be available very soon. There were some technical issues with the conference platform but they are working hard to get the video running. Please check it out and send any questions you would have about the session to me at j.akkermans@vu.nl. I can collect the questions and share them beforehand with the panel. Full details for the plenary session can be found HERE.

    Don't forget to join our Business Meeting which takes place on Sunday August 9th at 12 PM EDT, so we can celebrate this year's award winners!

    Hopefully this major experiment will be an engaging and inspiring one. Enjoy the conference and I look forward to seeing you in the virtual hallways of AOM 2020!

    Best wishes,

    Jos Akkermans
    Associate Professor
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam