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2020 Careers Division Awards!

  • 1.  2020 Careers Division Awards!

    Posted 06-10-2020 21:36
    Edited by Gina Dokko 28 days ago

    The Careers Division is proud to announce the winners of our scholarly awards for 2020! In addition to our awards based on conference submission, this year we launched new awards for Best Published Paper for papers published in 2019, and a Mid-Career Award for scholars whose portfolio of work has already been impactful, and who promise to make fundamental contributions to the way we think about careers.

    Please join us in congratulating the winners and finalists! It's truly gratifying to be involved with a division whose members make such interesting and valuable scholarly contributions. We will honor them at this year's virtual Business meeting – hope you can make it!


    **************2020 Careers Division Annual Awards*************

    Best Published Paper

    (published in the Academy of Management Review)
    Sarah Bourdeau, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, and Nathalie Houlfort


    "How Situational Cues and Mindset Dynamics Shape Personality Effects on Career Outcomes," (published in the Journal of Management). Peter Heslin, Lauren Keating, and Amirali MinBashian

    "Career Resourcing and the Process of Professional Emergence," (published in the Academy of Management Journal). Amit Nigam and Gina Dokko

    "Making the Invisible Visible: Paradoxical Effects of Intersectional Invisibility on the Career Experiences of Executive Black Women," (published in the Academy of Management Journal). Alexis Nicole Smith, Marla Baskerville-Watkins, Jamie J. Ladge, and Pamela Carlton


    Denise Jepsen (Chair), Maria Kraimer, Ricardo Rodrigues, Bert Schreurs


    Mid-Career Award

    In this, our inaugural year, the committee chose to give two awards to scholars who exemplified the criteria for the award. We are very pleased to honor both winners, and look forward to their continued contributions to careers research:


    Shoshana Dobrow                                         Andreas Hirschi



    Hugh Gunz (Chair), Maike Andresen, Pamela Tolbert

    *************2020 Careers Division Conference Awards*************

    Best Overall Paper

    "Identity Work of Persistent Liminars following Voluntary Career Change"
    Karan Sonpar, Federica Pazzaglia, and Hardik Ramkumar Agarwal


    "Low-Wage Workers and the Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements," Michael Lipsitz and Evan Penniman Starr

    "The Role of Perspective Taking on Supervisor Off-Work Privacy Violations: A Three Study-Replication" Jacob Albert McCartney, Samantha Jordan, Jennifer Franczak


    Yehuda Baruch (Chair), Daniel Spurk, Sherry Sullivan, and Beatrice Van der Heijden


    Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award

    "Specializing Generalists: Job Rotations, Managerial Learning and Promotions"
    Olga Ivanova and Roxana Barbulescu


    "Resilience does matter: A meta-analysis of trait resilience outcomes in the organizational setting," Mehri E. Baloochi

    "Working Authenticity: A Study of Organizational Career Management and Ideal Self-discrepancy" Linna Zhu and Lan Wang


    Serge da Motta Veiga (Chair), Andreas Hirschi, Shuhua Sun, Daniel Turban, and Katja Wehrle


    Michael Driver Best Symposium Award

    "Not Just a Number: New Frontiers in Research on the Role of Aging in Organizations"
    Seval Gündemir and Joanne Duberley


    "Moving Out and Back In: Unpacking Boomerang Employment and its Consequences," Yuna Cho and Rebecca Paluch

    "New Insights on Career Calling and the Pathways to its Positive and Negative Outcomes" Anna Della Rosa and Evgenia Lysova


    Mila Lazarova (Chair), Mihaela Dimitrova, Nicky Dries, Anders Dysvik,  Kimberly Eddleston




    Gina Dokko
    UC Davis