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Request for Unpublished Studies: Incivility and Withdrawal

  • 1.  Request for Unpublished Studies: Incivility and Withdrawal

    Posted 11-25-2020 12:30

    My colleagues (Paula Kincaid and Dr. Julie Hancock) and I are completing a meta-analysis on the relationship between workplace incivility (experienced incivility) and withdrawal thoughts and withdrawal behaviors (e.g., turnover intentions, work withdrawal, job withdrawal, workplace absenteeism, turnover cognitions, career withdrawal cognitions, academic disengagement, psychological withdrawal, etc.). As a final step, we seek to identify additional unpublished studies or samples from conferences, doctoral dissertations, and working papers.

    If you have such a paper, and it is possible, we would greatly appreciate the following:

    • a correlation table including: the relationship between experienced incivility and forms of withdrawal
    • final sample size(s) for the correlations. Additionally, if you could include as much of the following as you can: final demographic sample characteristics (proportion of gender, proportion of race/ethnic origin); sources of incivility (supervisor, co-worker, external customers); measurement of experienced incivility and its recency (timeframe)
    • year(s) of data collection, we would be grateful.

    Please reply directly to victor.chen@unt.edu. Please also feel free to contact us with suggestions and/or questions.

    Thank you for your time!

    Victor Chen
    Doctoral Student
    Management Department
    University of North Texas