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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – PDW: Bridging the Practitioner-Researcher-Gap for Effective Collaboration in Career Research

  • 1.  CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – PDW: Bridging the Practitioner-Researcher-Gap for Effective Collaboration in Career Research

    Posted 24 days ago

    Bridging the Practitioner-Researcher-Gap for Effective Collaboration in Career Research

    Dear CAR Division Members

    "There's nothing so practical as a good theory." – Lewin (1951, p. 169)

    "There's nothing so theoretical as good practice." – Ployhart & Bartunek (2019, p. 493)

    In this AoM Annual Meeting, we want to come together in a PDW to discuss the practitioner-researcher gap, if/why we still should seek practice-research cooperations and how to best overcome this gap.


    Despite being vital partners, researchers and practitioners often find themselves lost in translation –-a challenge that frequently hampers the potential of collaboration. Central to this challenge is a disparity in goal alignment, originating from a fundamental divergence in the evaluative frameworks of research (differentiating between truth from non-truth) and practice (differentiating financial gain from non-gain) (Kieser & Leiner, 2009). This misalignment raises questions about the practical relevance of research findings and the effective involvement of career counselors, HR professionals, and organizational changemakers in advancing professional practice in their fields.

    Are you a researcher, practitioner or both? Have you ever faced challenges while collaborating with practitioners or researchers, respectively? Do you want to share and discuss ideas on how to best overcome these challenges for fruitful collaboration?

    Come and discuss with us!Organization:

    Madeleine Haenggli – U. Carlos III of Madrid

    Domingo Valero - Lucerne U. of Applied Sciences and Arts

    Expert Panel:

    Ans De Vos - U. of Antwerp/ Antwerp Management School

    Denise Mary Jepsen - Macquarie Business School, Macquarie U.

    Simone Kauffeld - Technische U. Braunschweig

    Emma Parry - Cranfield U.

    Ramon Rico - U. Carlos III of Madrid

    In this PDW, we unravel the challenges and explore strategies for connecting research and practice. We discover how collaborations can be not only fruitful but also powerful agents of meaningful transformation. By engaging in discussions and interactions, the PDW aims to raise awareness of the practitioner-researcher gap and provide actionable ideas for fostering successful collaboration.


    Saturday, Aug 10 2024 2:00PM - 4:00PM CT (GMT-5/UTC-5) at Swissotel in Montreux 1

    How to Register:

    If you plan to attend, please ensure that you are registered for the AoM Conference and email us with the following information:

    1.     Your Name

    2.     University/School

    3.     Indicate if you see yourself as a researcher/practitioner/both

    4.     What intrigues you most in discussing the practitioner-researcher gap (1-2 sentences)?

    Please send these details to Domingo Valero domingo.valero@hslu.ch or Madeleine Haenggli madeleine.haenggl@uc3m.es by July 31st. We have a limit of participants – register now!

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago (face-to-face)

    Madeleine & Domingo

    Madeleine Haenggli
    University Carlos III of Madrid