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Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

  • 1.  Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

    Posted 04-24-2024 09:36

    Journal of Applied Psychology - Vol. 109, Issue 4 TOC

    Apologies for cross-postings. I am pleased to share with you all the fourth issue of 2024 at Journal of Applied Psychology. This issue includes 1 editor's choice feature article, 5 feature articles, and 2 research reports. Below, you will find titles, author information, DOI links, and keywords of this issue.

    Editor's Choice Feature Article

    Convergence of Collaborative Behavior in Virtual Teams: The Role of External Crises and Implications for Performance

    Tobias Blay, Fabian Jintae Froese, Vasyl Taras, and Marjaana Gunkel


    Keywords: virtual teams, collaborative behavior consensus, external crisis, team performance, multilevel group-process framework

    Feature Articles

    Do Intelligent Leaders Differentiate Exchange Relationships Intelligently? A Functional Leadership Approach to Leader-Member Exchange Differentiation

    Fadel K. Matta, Emma L. Frank, Crystal I. C. Farh, and Stephanie M. Lee


    Keywords: intelligence, leader– member exchange differentiation, ability– motivation– opportunity framework, functional leadership, core self-evaluation

    Designing Pareto-Optimal Selection Systems for Multiple Minority Subgroups and

    Multiple Criteria

    Wilfried De Corte, Paul R. Sackett, and Filip Lievens


    Keywords: Pareto-optimal, adverse impact, personnel selection, selection design, multiobjective optimization

    The Chemistry Between Us: Illuminating Complementarity Patterns in Interpersonal Role-Play Assessment via Moment-to-Moment Analyses

    Christoph N. Herde and Filip Lievens


    Keywords: role-plays, interpersonal complementarity theory, assessment center, continuous rating assessments, asynchronous video formats

    Give Them a Fishing Rod, if It Is Not Urgent: The Impact of Help Type on Support for Helpers' Leadership

    Lily Chernyak-Hai, Daniel Heller, Ilanit SimanTov-Nachlieli, and Merav Weiss-Sidi


    Keywords: trust, leadership support, perceived benevolence, autonomy- and dependency-oriented helping, informal leadership

    Nonlinear Effect of Employee Ownership on Organizational Financial Misdeeds: The Moderating Role of Organizational Size

    Kyoung Yong Kim and Pankaj C. Patel


    Keywords: employee ownership, employee participation, shared capitalism, employee stock ownership, organizational financial misdeeds, monitoring, incentive benefits, long-term orientation, organizational size

    Research Reports

    Beyond the First Choice: The Impact of Being an Alternate Choice on Social Integration and Feedback Seeking

    Samir Nurmohamed and Zoe Schwingel-Sauer


    Keywords: status, inclusion, organizational socialization, feedback seeking, newcomer adjustment

    Ambiguity in Advertised Compensation: Recruiting Implications of Nominal Compliance With Pay Transparency Legislation

    Kristine M. Kuhn


    Keywords: compensation, recruiting, ambiguity, signaling, pay transparency

    Lillian Eby
    The Univ of Georgia
    Athens GA