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Interview with Prof. Lotte Bailyn

  • 1.  Interview with Prof. Lotte Bailyn

    Posted 01-25-2022 12:30

    Dear Colleagues,


    It is my pleasure to share with you the interview I have had with Prof. Lotte Bailyn, a leading scholar in the career field, who is a great inspiration for my own work, and I am sure for yours as well. 

    She is currently T. Wilson (1953) Professor of Management, Emerita and working on writing a new book on retirement with four other retired academics. 

    Lotte brought family into the study of careers and brought out the organizational assumptions that keep the domestic and the economic spheres separate, and thus disadvantage women's careers. She has developed with colleagues Collaborative Interactive Research (CIAR) and did a number of such projects aimed at changing organizational practices to enhance gender equity in the workplace [see Rapoport, Bailyn, Fletcher, and Pruitt, Beyond work-family balance: Advancing gender equity and workplace performance (2002)]. She is the author of Living with technology: Issues at mid-career (1980), Breaking the mold: Women, men and time in the new corporate world (1993) and its fully revised second edition Breaking the mold: Redesigning work for productive and satisfying lives (2006) among other books, chapters, and articles. Last but not least, Lotte is the winner of the Everett Cherrington Hughes Award for Careers Scholarship, Academy of Management, 2003; the Work Life Legacy Award, Families and Work Institute, 2005; the Centennial Medal, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2011; and the Distinguished Scholar/Practitioner Career Achievement Award, Academy of Management, 2012. 

    ​I am sure that you will enjoy watching the interview as much as I have enjoyed talking with Lotte.  

    See this link for the interview: ​https://car.aom.org/new-item4/new-item302/new-item1

     Warm regards, Beatrice van der Heijden, Radboud University, the Netherlands 


    Beatrice Van Der Heijden
    Radboud University, Nijmegen