2020 CAR Award Winners

Conference Awards

Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award

The Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award is a student paper or a paper from a dissertation within 3 years of degree, preferably single-authored.

This year, the winning paper was “Specializing Generalists: Job Rotations, Managerial Learning, and Promotions authored by Olga Ivanova and Roxana Barbulescu.

Best Overall Paper Award

The Best Overall Paper Award is the paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers theory, research, and/or practice.

This year, the winning paper was “Identity Work of Persistent Liminars following Voluntary Career Change,” authored by Karan Sonpar, Federica Pazzaglia, and Hardik Ramkumar Agarwal.

Michael Driver Best Symposium Award

The Best Symposium Award is for the highest-rated symposium presented on the program. The winning symposium is selected based on reviewer ratings and a panel of judges.

This year, the winning symposium was “Not Just a Number: New Frontiers in Research on the Role of Aging in Organizations,” authored by Seval Gündemir and Joanne Duberley.

Achievement Awards

Best Published Paper Award

The Best Published Paper Award is for the best paper published in the past year.

This year, the winning paper was Not all Work-Life Policies are Created Equal: Career Consequences of Using Enabling versus Enclosing Work-Life Policies,” published in the Academy of Management Review and authored by Sarah Bourdeau, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, and Nathalie Houlfort.

Mid-Career Award

The Mid-Career Award is for a rising scholar whose independent contributions promise to have lasting impact on the careers field.

The award winners are Shoshana Dobrow and Andreas Hirschi.