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Welcome to the Career Studies Teaching Community!

The website is intended for use by invited scholars who teach about careers. The idea is to let those scholars share materials they use in their teaching. Website participants will be able to enter suggestions, and where appropriate attach files, under each of the categories listed on the right of the website.


We are a community of career scholars seeking to develop and maintain a shared website, a “commons” of information to all participants to use as a teaching resource. We value an interdisciplinary approach to our field, and to the way we teach about it. At the same time, we welcome contributions from particular social science perspectives that can contribute to the breadth of our conversation. We also view teaching broadly, to cover what we do in the classroom, in consulting activities, at the dinner table or in any social situation where we can represent the knowledge in our field.

Entering Data

You will need a login name and password to enter data. Please contact one of the site administrators below:
 Michael Arthur:
 Holly Slay:

As you enter new content, please carefully consider copyright permissions. If you know of a good story in a book, or a published article, movie or other media, simply provide the reference and page numbers of the story alongside your recommendation. We also encourage the posting of case recommendations through case clearing houses such as Harvard Business School Press, Ivey Publishing and the European Case Clearing House. Each site allows login and inspection copy privileges to all professors. Therefore, all we need to do is recommend cases from their collections to one another, with a brief note on how we’ve used the material. For convenience, we can provide a link to the host website alongside your recommendation.

Welcome to the Career Studies Teaching Community!


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