Awards Overview

Each year, the Careers Division of the Academy of Management formally recognizes excellence through the bestowal of a number of awards. An overview of our awards is provided below. We encourage you to nominate individuals who you feel are good candidates for the awards requiring nominations. Information for this year's nomination process can be found with the following links with downloadable PDFs for the nomination criteria for CAR Mid Career Award 2023 and for CAR Best Published Paper Award 2023.

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Conference Awards

Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award

The Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award is a student paper or a paper from a dissertation within 3 years of degree, preferably single-authored.

Best Overall Paper Award

The Best Overall Paper Award is the paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers theory, research, and/or practice.

Best Symposium Award

The Best Symposium Award is for the best symposium presented on the program.

Achievement Awards

Best Published Paper Award

The Best Published Paper Award is for the best paper published in the past year.

Mid-Career Award

The Mid-Career Award is for a rising scholar whose independent contributions promise to have lasting impact on the careers field.

Hughes Award

The Hughes Award is to recognize scholarship that made significant contribution in linking careers theory with the broader field of organization studies.

Hughes Lifetime Careers Scholar Award builds on past winners while addressing current issues with a focus on the careers domain.