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Call for abstracts for a symposium on critical TM

  • 1.  Call for abstracts for a symposium on critical TM

    Posted 11-22-2019 00:40

    Dear Colleagues,

     On behalf of my colleagues Yasmeen Makarem, Beverley Dawn Metcalfe and myself (Fida Afiouni), I am emailing you today with regards to the Academy of Management Annual Meeting to be held on August 7-11, 2020 – Vancouver, Canada.

     We are currently preparing a proposal for a Presenter Symposium entitled "Critical perspectives on TM: questioning neo-liberal and masculinist logics" (refer to abstract below)

     With that in mind, we would like to invite you to submit a paper to this symposium. If you are interested in presenting a paper that fits within the symposium's theme, please let us know by sending an email to fa16@aub.edu.lb expressing your interest before November 30th  .

     Other deadlines to keep in mind:

    • December 9th: Initial short Abstract
    • December 23rd: Detailed Abstract (Two- to five-page synopsis of your paper as per AOM style)
    • January 4th: Revised Detailed Abstract incorporating reviewer feedback
    •      January 13th: Symposium submission by organizers
    • End of March: Notification of Acceptance of the Symposium by AOM
    • July 10th:  Paper to be emailed to fa16@aub.edu.lb to allow time for the Symposium Discussant to read before the conference.



     The extant work on talent management has largely enhanced neoliberal agendas concerned with ranking, rating and recording employees' talent, or indeed lack of talent. While there are emerging insights that unravel the gendered, racialized and classed logics underpinning dominant TM writings (Böhmer & Schinnenburg, 2016; Makarem, Metcalfe, & Afiouni, 2019), there is largely an acceptance of TM as a philosophy, and there has been limited work that challenges the epistemological foundations of TM. We argue that talent management philosophies that have strengthened instrumentalism are conceived as a managerial tool which shows a commitment to capitalistic frameworks, and ignored critical management studies, which stress the importance of resistance, and the power relations that shape, constrain and may hinder opportunities for all employees (Makarem et al., 2019). In this presenter symposium, we call for papers drawing on feminist, critical, transnational and postcolonial epistemologies to challenge the dominance of masculinist and neo-liberal logics in TM theorizing and open up opportunities to review TM systems that stress inclusion and equity. This is a timely endeavor to draw out, extend, give emphasis and voice to what is silent or marginally present or ideologically represented in much of the current TM literature. The masculinization of talent, the marginalization of gender and social differences, the elitism of the TM process, all of which ground current TM rhetoric call for our attention.


    We look forward to your contribution to our Symposium.


    Fida, Yasmeen and Beverly

    Fida Afiouni
    American University of Beirut
    Riad El Solh
    009611374374 x3725