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3rd 'Career in the World webinar' with speakers from Africa (April 13)

  • 1.  3rd 'Career in the World webinar' with speakers from Africa (April 13)

    Posted 03-30-2022 02:39
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    On behalf of AOM's career division and AOM career ambassadors, we invite you to the third webinar of the "Career in the World" series, which presents career researchers and their work from around the world. Our next webinar on March 13 will focus on career research in Africa:

    Career Research in the African Context: Challenges and Opportunities.

    The session will include three presentations followed by an open discussion, and an opportunity for participants to meet and connect on areas of shared research interests on careers.

    Dr Bakuwa Rhoda Cynthia: "Important career success dimensions in an African Context: perceptions of Malawians regarding the entrepreneurship dimension."
    Entrepreneurship is taken as a key element for Malawi's development towards the 'Malawi 2063' national vision. This study examined the perceptions of Malawians in traditional organizational employment regarding the importance of entrepreneurship as a dimension of a successful career.

    Dr Thadeus F. Mkamwa: "How multi-disciplinarity is a problem in career development in Tanzania."
    The Tanzania Commission for Universities has introduced a policy which requires that only people with a single line of training should be counted in the university's staff-student ratio. The presentation shows how this policy affects career aspirations and career development among graduates.

    Olusegun Babalola "Overcoming Challenges to Career Assessment in African Contexts: A study of career exploration using the RIASEC model"
    Holland's (1997) careers inventory has been found to successfully predict career satisfaction, development, and performance. This study analyzed the structural and predictive validity, and reliability of the RIASEC model using a sample of low- to medium-skilled South African Youths who are actively seeking employment.

    Date: April 13 (Wednesday)
    Times: 6am PDT, 9am EST, 2pm GMT, 4pm EAT, 9pm HKT

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