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Congrats on a successful AOM conference!

  • 1.  Congrats on a successful AOM conference!

    Posted 08-12-2020 18:21
    Edited by Gina Dokko 08-13-2020 11:32

    Dear Careers (CAR) Division Members and Friends,

    Congratulations on a successful AOM! As the new CAR Division Chair, I wanted to thank all of the organizers and presenters who helped to make the first virtual AOM conference a success. Though our program was condensed, and there was a learning curve for the meeting platform, your hard work and flexibility, as well as the extraordinary efforts of Jos Akkermans (Program Chair), Rick Cotton (PDW Chair), and the AOM staff made it come together. Special thanks also to Jamie Ladge, who handled the Division Chair role in this most challenging year with grace, and Scott Seibert, our Past Chair who we will miss (maybe more than he misses us ;-)).

    Through the experience, we experimented with new modes for program delivery, including a terrific hybrid Plenary that Jos put together, and found some benefits to a virtual format (No jetlag! No hotels! A much shorter business meeting!). One important benefit is extended access to recorded portions of the program.* They will be available until the end of October, so be sure to check them out.


    All of the members of our Executive Committee stepped up to make the meeting productive. Thanks to Ryan Klinger (Secretary), Jen Tosti-Kharas (Treasurer), Mina Beigi (Newsletter Editor, outgoing), Lauren Simon (Webmaster), Sherry Sullivan (Historian), and all of our Reps-at-Large. We bid a fond farewell to our outgoing Reps-at-Large: Ariane Froidevaux, Evgenia Lysova, and Daniel Spurk who all left their mark on the Division. You are welcome back any time. We also welcome the newest members of our Executive Committee: Denise Jepsen (PDW Chair – you're in for it now!), Melika Shirmohammadi (Newsletter Editor), and our new Reps-at-Large (Silvia Dello Russo, Mel Fugate, and Jeffrey Yip). Thanks to all who are willing to serve the Careers community.

    Despite the positive interactions we had, we also missed the socials, and just bumping into each other walking between session and waiting for elevators. If we need to do this again, we'll use our experience from this year to think of new ways to connect. But now, we know we can do it.

    Thanks again for being part of the experience, and if you were not able to join us this year, I hope you will continue to feel welcome in the Careers community and join us when you can. As always, please feel free to contact me (gdokko@ucdavis.edu) or any member of the Executive Committee if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.


    Best wishes,


    *Some meetings and sessions requested to not be recorded. (edited from an earlier version of this post)

    Gina Dokko
    UC Davis

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    Posted 08-13-2020 13:19
    Dear Careers Colleagues:

    I am following up on Gna's message.  I am AMAZED that the Academy of Management and the Careers Division in particular were able to develop and deliver a full, online program in such a short time.  I hope that all of our Executive Committee members might be able to get some sleep now, because there must have been a lot of long days and nights.

    If it helps, your efforts were very successful.  The extended access to sessions is much appreciated--there are positive outcomes to balance off the lack of personal contact.  Thank you all for the time and the efforts that you put in so that the Careers Division could have a successful conference.  

    Your efforts are appreciated.  

    Best regards,

    Gayle Baugh
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