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Launch of the Career Division Regional Ambassador program!

  • 1.  Launch of the Career Division Regional Ambassador program!

    Posted 05-12-2021 06:39

    Become a Career Division Regional Ambassador today!


    Dear CAR Division Members,


    Did you know that nearly half of our community is from outside the US? We would love to leverage our diverse talents by finding ways to integrate and engage our global membership, and to generate and share knowledge across national borders.


    To ensure we are successful in these efforts, we are excited to launch a Career Division Regional Ambassador Program! After its successful initiation by the HR Division over a decade ago, several other divisions have since adopted a similar program, and now it is our turn. The main objectives of the program are to


    (a) develop projects across our community which involve, engage, and serve our global membership, and


    (b) leverage the knowledge within the division and develop initiatives that contribute to the research, teaching, and service objectives of division members.


    We would welcome your involvement by becoming an Ambassador! This role has two fundamental aspects: First, local representation of scholars and practitioners in their country or region, and second, collaborating together on initiatives as a community to facilitate the integration of our global membership. Serving as an Ambassador is voluntary. A minimum commitment of two years is expected, followed by a review of membership.


    Please do get in touch with Jeffrey Yip j_yip@sfu.ca  or Stefanie Gustafsson s.gustafsson@bath.ac.uk  if you want to support the division and become a regional ambassador today! We look forward to hearing from you!




    Stefanie Gustafsson
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Bath