Career Forum Newsletter


  • Volume 42, Issue 2

    On behalf of @Mostafa Ayoobzadeh (Editor) and @Huainan Wang (Associated Editor), the team is excited to release their newest issue. 

    There is useful career content to stay connected with AOM Careers Division. Learn more about our continuing leadership as it changes hands. @Denise Jepsen goes over career resources from CarCon '24 on 4/18 to 4/19 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam). The purpose is to bring together careers scholars and bridge shared interests around navigating and advancing our careers @Claire Schulze Schleithoff, @Vedika Lal, @Di Dong, @Evgenia Lysova, @Jos Akkermans

    She is also happy to announce our sponsors: Journal of Vocational Behavior, Macquarie Business School, The University of Memphis - Management Department. Please consider sponsoring our division early to continue all the opportunities and resources the division offers!!

    There is also more information about upcoming awards Serge da Motta Veiga: Best Published Careers Paper, Mid-Careers Scholar, Hughes Lifetime Careers Scholar Award and insights about sending in submissions for careers symposia and workshops @Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, Program Chair.

    Don't forget to also check out member spotlight: @Caitlin Porter and @Nicky Dries and learn more about how they got interested in careers research and got engaged in the division, as well as their hobbies.

    There is also wonderful information about research and potential publication opportunities with the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Applied Psychology: An International Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Group & Organization Management, not to mention a developmental workshop with editors at Personnel Psychology at King's Business School, King's College London on 6/24.

    The division is also continuing its work together with it's committees to provide value year-round: mentoring, research, collaboration, membership, prestige & impact, communication, and value beyond August.

    Check out the resources corner for more information about our mentoring program and careers in the rough paper development workshop.

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