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15th Annual OB Research Incubator at AOM Annual Conference

  • 1.  15th Annual OB Research Incubator at AOM Annual Conference

    Posted 04-19-2023 13:13

    ***Apologies for cross-posting***

    15th Annual OB Research Incubator at AOM Annual Conference 

    *NB: Delivery will be fully in-person and in small roundtable groups scheduled on site in Boston*

    We invite you to submit a research proposal for the 15th Annual "OB Research Incubator," a Professional Development Workshop that provides an exciting opportunity for researchers to receive constructive feedback and guidance from senior OB scholars and ignite connections and ongoing dialogue around topics of common interest. This session is open to both junior and senior scholars who are conducting research on OB-related topics.

    During this session, participants will meet in a small roundtable group setting with leading OB scholars, who will provide direct and specific feedback on your research project. Feedback will be particularly focused on helping you address the challenges you are currently facing in bringing a project to fruition.

    Pre-approval of a research proposal is required for registration. Proposals are due June 25, 2023.

    To increase engagement with the session and value of the feedback, proposals will be shared with the other participant(s) assigned to a specific facilitator. If you do not want your proposal shared this way, please specifically note that on the submission form.

    Proposal requirements

    Please limit submissions to 6 double-spaced pages (not including references) and include the following sections:

    • Brief abstract and four keywords

    • Overview of the research

    • Research topic

    • Conceptual framework

    • Research questions

    • Methods

    • Challenges (these are the areas on which you would like to focus discussion). Please list specific questions you'd like a facilitator to answer.

    • References

    Important: On the submission form, please identify up to 3 facilitators (from the list below) that you believe are best suited to provide guidance on your proposal.

    Please submit your research proposal by Sunday, June 25, 2023, using the following webform (you will be able to edit your submission at any time prior to the deadline):


    Once your proposal is approved, we will send you the registration code. At that point, interested participants will need to register online at the AOM PDW website. To maintain an intimate setting, we will accept only limited number of submissions based on the quality of the proposal, fit with the expertise of our facilitator panel, and timeliness.

    We have an outstanding slate of productive scholars who will facilitate the session, including:

    • Blake Ashforth, Arizona State University
    • Corinne Bendersky, University of California Los Angeles
    • Gilad Chen, University of Maryland
    • Morela Hernandez, University of Michigan
    • Ivona Hideg, York University
    • Jasmine (Jia) Hu, Ohio State University
    • Stephen Humphrey, Pennsylvania State University
    • Ronit Kark, Bar-Ilan University
    • Tal Katz-Navon, Reichman University
    • Robert Liden, University of Illinois at Chicago
    • Hettie Richardson, Texas Christian University
    • Christopher Rosen, University of Arkansas
    • Debra Shapiro, University of Maryland
    • Elad Sherf, UNC Chapel Hill
    • Shannon Taylor, University of Central Florida
    • Daan van Knippenberg, Rice University
    • Michele Williams, University of Iowa
    • Kelly Schwind Wilson, Purdue University
    • Thomas Zagenczyk, North Carolina State University

    We look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you in Boston!

    Best wishes,

    Tobias Dennerlein, Insiya Hussain, and Matt Deeg 

    Matthew Deeg
    Abilene Christian University
    Abilene TX