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2023 AOM Job Market PDW

  • 1.  2023 AOM Job Market PDW

    Posted 06-07-2023 19:22

    Dear colleagues, on behalf of Ray and Daniya, please consider the following job market workshop: 

    If you are a doctoral student who will be on the academic job market this summer/fall-or if you have a doctoral student who is-please join us at our PDW at AOM Boston:

    We got by with a little help: Perspectives on the academic job market.

    Sunday, August 6th, 2023

    9:00AM - 12:00PM ET

    Sheraton Boston Hotel in Commonwealth

    This PDW is part of a broader initiative of OB Division-sponsored doctoral programming designed to support students as they prepare for the academic job market and help foster connections among cohorts. My talented co-organizer, Daniya Kamran-Morley (U. of Pittsburgh), and I have specifically tailored the event to help students going into their final or penultimate year of their graduate programs. Though, we welcome all students who have completed their coursework and are eager to learn more about the job market. We also welcome attendees of OB Doctoral Consortium. We have coordinated with OB Doctoral Consortium organizers, Beth Campbell and Margaret Luciano, to ensure that our content is complementary, build from things discussed in Consortium, and does not pose scheduling conflicts.

    If interested, please register by completing this brief survey before 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) July 15th, 2023: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfiUUkTQpbQJ_1rEsM91Awz8ex7dD1t9W8kQJ8TYy-zk0DiaQ/viewform

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me (i-hengwu@southalabama.edu) or Daniya (DAK173@pitt.edu). We hope that you or your students will benefit from our session and the advice of many of its thoughtful and generous contributors. More detailed information on the format and contributors is below.

    Best regards,

    Ray (and Daniya)

    Agenda and Speakers:

    Part 1 – Presentations (60 minutes)

    ** "Getting the job market packet ready and searching and applying for schools" by Timothy Kundro (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

    ** "Preparing for interviews and job talks and negotiating offers" by Daniel Andrews (Georgia State University)

    ** "Non-traditional paths to tenure-track positions" by Stav Atir (University of Wisconsin), Wei Wang (University of Manitoba), and Jieun Pai (Imperial College London)

    Part 2 – Panel Discussion (40 minutes)

    ** Panel experts: Andrew Bennett (Old Dominion University), Elizabeth M. Campbell (University of Minnesota), Erik Gonzalez-Mulé (Indiana University), John Wiley Lynch (University of Illinois Chicago), and Fadel Matta (University of Georgia)

    Part 3 – Roundtable Discussions (75 minutes)

    ** "Completing the dissertation" with Sherry (Qiang) Fu (Colorado State University) and Luke Hedden (University of Miami)

    ** "Balancing family needs with the job search" with Miranda Welbourne Eleázar (University of Iowa)

    ** "The U.S. market for international candidates" with Hyunsun Park (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Trevor Israelsen (Pennsylvania State University)

    ** "The international market for U.S. candidates" with Manuel Vaulont (Northeastern University), Matthew Yeaton (HEC Paris), and Jill W. Paine (IE Business School)

    ** "Making the most of your support system– engaging with your committee and faculty members" with Ashley Roccapriore (Auburn University)

    ** "Making the most of your support system– finding your cohort" with Truit Gray (Bowling Green State University)

    ** "Lessons for my former self: What I wish I knew about the job market" with Remy Jennings (Florida State University) and Tom Taiyi Yan (University College London)