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Call for Special Issue Submissions in the Journal of Vocational Behavior

  • 1.  Call for Special Issue Submissions in the Journal of Vocational Behavior

    Posted 02-15-2023 09:54

    Dear colleagues,

    On behalf of Ryan Duffy and the JVB associate editor team, I'm happy to share a call for submissions for special issues in JVB. You can find all the necessary details HERE and in the text below. We are looking forward to receiving your exciting ideas before April 1st, 2023!



    The Journal of Vocational Behavior has a successful tradition of publishing timely (e.g., the impact of COVID-19 on work and workers, Fouad, 2020), cutting-edge (e.g., technology and careers, Russell, 2003), and societally relevant (e.g., career and work concerns of diverse and understudied workers, Casper & Swanberg, 2011) special issues. These special issues focus on a specific area of scholarship that has broad appeal, fall within the aims and scope of the journal, and have the potential to advance and bridge vocational (e.g., conceptual and empirical advancements of career construction theory, Rudolph, Zacher & Hirschi, 2019), and industrial/organizational psychology (e.g., calling and careers, Lysova, Dik, Duffy, Khapova, & Arthur, 2019). We invite submissions for special issue proposals to launch in 2024. These special issues would be guest edited by the proposal team, who would solicit manuscripts and review the papers using standard practices. Proposals must include the following:

    §       Up to a 2-page document describing the special issue detailing its importance, key aims/objectives and a compelling explanation why a special issue is needed. We are particularly interested in special issue proposals around topic which are under-researched or address controversial and emerging research issues. It should stimulate new avenues of insightful work that can also potentially bridge vocational and industrial/organizational psychology. No cover letter is needed. Tables, appendices, and references do not count towards this page limit.

    §       Up to a 1-page document on the qualifications, scholarly expertise, and contact information of the proposed guest editorial team. Collectively, the guest editorial team should demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of their field of expertise, research excellence and a solid research track record, and some editorial experience.

    §       Up to a 1-page document describing the proposed timeline and how the special issue will be publicized to attract potential submissions.

    Proposals should be sent to Ryan Duffy (Editor, JVB; rduf@ufl.edu) with Special Issue Proposal in the subject line. Please submit one combined Word/PDF file that contains all relevant material. The submission deadline is April 1st, 2023. Submissions will be reviewed by JVB's senior editorial team and decisions will be made by May 1st, 2023.    

    Jos Akkermans
    Associate Professor
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam