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Careers AOM 2023 Boston Awards – Careers Division Mid-Career, Career Scholar Award

  • 1.  Careers AOM 2023 Boston Awards – Careers Division Mid-Career, Career Scholar Award

    Posted 08-15-2023 17:21
    Edited by Victor Chen 08-15-2023 17:23

    Congratulations to Kristen Shockley (Auburn University) for winning the 2023 Careers Division Mid-Career, Career Scholar Award!! This year's Chair-Elect is Denise Jepsen and Program Chair is Serge Da Motta Veiga

    A panel of experts selected the winner based on quality and quantity of published careers research, impact on career policy, career practice, and society, and leadership by mentoring career scholars and/or practitioners. 

    The awards committee involved Peter Heslin (Chair), Alex Newman, Mila Lazarova

    The panel was impressed by Kristen's full track record: she has made highly significant and interesting contributions to the careers field (i.e., work-family interactions and how individuals manage multiple work and non-work roles), Kristen's award-winning meta-analytical, seminal article on gender and work-family conflict and her research on how parents manage childcare burdens during the pandemic is one of the most exciting articles in the last few years in the work-family literature, she connects theory and practice with both focused studies and answers impactful questions through meta-analyses, her impact is consistent with her volume of publications in leading journals and accelerating citations, Kristen has also won funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and serves via editorial work for the Journal of Applied Psychology (JAP), Journal of Vocational Behavior (JVB), and Journal of Business and Psychology (JBP). The committee concurs that she is the most deserving recipient and looks forward to reading and learning from her current and future scholarly contributions.  

    Victor Chen
    Visiting Assistant Professor of OB
    Management Department