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JMS launches new policy on the use of AI in research

  • 1.  JMS launches new policy on the use of AI in research

    Posted 02-01-2024 10:06

    Journal of Management Studies (JMS) launches its new policy on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in research

    Management scholars increasingly use generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the research process, such as ChatGPT. Important questions arise about whether, how and when "research with AI" might augment or harm research quality as well as integrity.

    The general editors of the Journal of Management Studies have attempted to provide much needed guidance for our authors and reviewers on how they should – or should not – make use of AI in their research. The new JMS Policy on AI is now available and is accompanied by a new editorial that explains our thinking behind this policy. 

    In essence, JMS allows the supervised use of AI In research, but expect that this is transparently explained, disclosed and justified to readers. Yet, we see no place for AI tools for reviewers and editors.

    We hope our new policy makes an important contribution to ongoing debates on how AI informs what we do as management scholars – hopefully for the better.


    Corinne Post, Ph.D. (she/her)
    Fred J. Springer Endowed Chair in Business Leadership
    Professor of Management
    Villanova University, Villanova School of Business
    General Editor, Journal of Management Studies