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Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

  • 1.  Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

    Posted 04-03-2023 21:03
    Edited by Lillian Eby 04-03-2023 21:03

    Journal of Applied Psychology - Vol. 108, Issue 4 TOC

    Apologies for cross-postings. I am pleased to share with you all the fourth issue of 2023 at Journal of Applied Psychology. This issue includes 1 editor's choice article, 4 feature articles, and 5 research reports. Below, you will find titles, author information, DOI links, and keywords of this issue.

    Editor's Choice Research Report

    Egalitarian Norm Messaging Increases Human Resources Professionals' Salary Offers to Women

    Carolin Schuster, Gregg Sparkman, Gregory M. Walton, Anna Alles, and David D. Loschelder


    Keywords: negotiation, norms, gender pay gap, gender bias, dynamic norm

    Feature Articles

    Goal Progress Velocity as a Determinant of Shortcut Behaviors

    Vincent Phan, Midori Nishioka, James W. Beck, and Abigail A. Scholer


    Keywords: velocity, expectancy, frustration, utility, shortcut behaviors


    Everything Is Negotiable, but Not for Everyone: The Role of Disability in Compensation

    Mary Eve P. Speach, Katie L. Badura, and Terry C. Blum


    Keywords: compensation, disability, negotiation, salary, diversity in the workplace


    Organizational Climate Profiles: Identifying Meaningful Combinations of Climate Level and Strength

    Yimin He, Stephanie C. Payne, Jeremy M. Beus, Gonzalo J. Mun ̃oz, Xiang Yao, and Valentina Battista


    Keywords: organizational climate, latent profile analysis, safety performance, financial outcomes


    A Field Experiment on Subgoal Framing to Boost Volunteering: The Trade-Off Between Goal Granularity and Flexibility

    Aneesh Rai, Marissa A. Sharif, Edward H. Chang, Katherine L. Milkman, and Angela L. Duckworth


    Keywords: goals, subgoals, flexibility, field experiment

    Research Reports

    Cannabis Use Does Not Increase Actual Creativity but Biases Evaluations of Creativity

    Yu Tse Heng, Christopher M. Barnes, and Kai Chi Yam


    Keywords: creativity, joviality, cannabis use, evaluations of creativity


    The Benefits of Cognitive Style Versatility for Collaborative Work

    Ishani Aggarwal, Marieke C. Schilpzand, Luis L. Martins, Anita Williams Woolley, and Marco Molinaro


    Keywords: cognitive style versatility, cognitive style, team composition, team performance, team diversity


    Serving While Being Energized (Strained)? A Dual-Path Model Linking Servant Leadership to Leader Psychological Strain and Job Performance

    Fuli Li, Tingting Chen, Yun Bai, Robert C. Liden, Man-Nok Wong, and Yan Qiao


    Keywords: servant leadership, role conflict, need satisfaction, psychological strain, leader–leader exchange (LLX) 


    Perceived Misalignment of Professional Prototypes Reduces Subordinates' Endorsement of Sexist Supervisors

    Felix Danbold and Corinne Bendersky


    Keywords: gender, diversity, leadership, followership, group prototypes


    The Impact of Supportive Leadership on Employee Outcomes During Organizational Mergers: An Organizational-Level Field Study

    Steffen R. Giessner, Jeremy F. Dawson, Kate E. Horton, and Michael West


    Keywords: mergers, absenteeism, quasi-experiment, supportive leadership, job satisfaction

    Lillian Eby
    The Univ of Georgia
    Athens GA