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More reviewers needed ... please sign up!

  • 1.  More reviewers needed ... please sign up!

    Posted 01-11-2023 12:53
    Dear CAR members and friends,

    A big thanks to those of you who have already signed up! But...

    We still need a few more reviewers to review all of this year's submissions. It's time to sign up as a reviewer for the AOM annual meeting!

    Click on https://review.aom.org, sign in and choose Careers as one of your divisions. You don't need to be a member of CAR, or even of AOM. You just need to be willing to serve the community.

    Our CAR community has always been generous and service-oriented enough for us to usually have the maximum number of reviewers per submission, and we'd like to carry on that practice for this year. You are the most critical part of this effort! Even if you're a student, or can't come to the meeting this year, we appreciate your input on submitted work. If you did submit a paper to the CAR division this year (and we hope you did!), signing up as a reviewer is the right thing to do.

    Reviewing is a great opportunity to learn about the CAR review process and to read cutting edge work. For more junior scholars, it's a chance to gain experience in reviewing. And your input shapes the program CAR will have at the annual meeting.

    Please note that even if you have reviewed in the past, you need to sign up again at https://review.aom.org. Our reviewer assignments are based on keywords that you select as your areas of expertise. The review period is from January 19 to February 16, 2019. We recognize the best CAR reviewers with an award at the annual meeting.

    Thank you!


    Serge Da Motta Veiga
    EDHEC Business School