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REMINDER: Nominate our future leaders!

  • 1.  REMINDER: Nominate our future leaders!

    Posted 02-20-2023 04:46
    Edited by Jos Akkermans 02-20-2023 04:47

    Dear Careers Division colleagues and friends,

    This message is a gentle reminder that the nominations for several Careers Division leadership roles are now open. Specifically, we are looking for a new PDW Chair who will start a 5-year leadership track and three Representatives-at-Large who will serve the Division in this role for three years.

    A leadership role in the Careers Division is a fantastic opportunity for many reasons. For example, it allows you to get to know many inspiring career scholars from all over the world. Furthermore, having a leading role in the Division will enable you to learn many relevant skills. But perhaps most important of all: serving as a Representative-at-Large or PDW Chair is incredibly fun and meaningful. Take it from me, as someone who is now wrapping up his 5-year leadership track with the Division.

    So: do you know a colleague with an excellent track record or potential in leadership and career research? Or are you that person yourself? Don't hesitate to send in a nomination! Self-nominations are also encouraged. We need your help in this important effort to identify potential leaders of our Division!

    To nominate candidates, please visit https://apps.aom.org/DivNomination and follow the onscreen instructions to log in to your Academy profile. Once you log in, you may select 'Nominate Now' for Careers. Nominations will remain open until February 28. 

    We hope you will take this opportunity to nominate a colleague who might be willing and able to contribute to our Division's leadership. And if you have any questions about the nomination procedure or the specific roles, please don't hesitate to contact me by sending me an email at j.akkermans@vu.nl.

    Thank you for your participation!

    Best wishes,

    Jos Akkermans
    Associate Professor
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam